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1. Did you mean: mis-spotter, a colloquial term for a person with atrocious eyesight?

2. Did you mean: Miss Potter, a 2006 Chris Noonan film about the life of Beatrix Potter?

3. Did you mean: Miss Potter, a girl who is so obsessed with the books of JK Rowling that she has decided to pretend she is related to the eponymous main character?

If you are looking for 3, then look no further, for you are in the right place!

Bonus points if you realised that all 3 of the above apply to me. My fanaticism is mostly centered around the Potterverse, and if I like something a lot I will generally attempt to link it back to the Potterverse to justify my liking. My middle name is "Beatrice", after Beatrix Potter (and also because it means "bringer of joy"). And last, but not least, I am quite severely myopic (be nice to me, I might very well be your doctor when I graduate in four years' time).

Interests (148):

albus percival wb dumbledore, altos (we rock!), anne hathaway, backflips and cartwheels, baked goods, beaches, being onstage!, bielman spirals, big bang theory, bisexuality, boys who sing, boys with middle names, broadway, buddhism, caffeine, camwhoring, cardiology, catullus, chai lattes, chemistry, chopin fantasies, chopin nocturnes, complex numbers, corsets, dancing, daniel jacob radcliffe, david john tennant, ddr, dead languages, defenestration, dementia, dermatology, desserts, diaries, disney, doctor who, dolphins, dragons, earrings, eyeshadow, fanfiction, feminism, figure skating, flair, french, gelato, gellert grindelwald, girl pianists, glee, goldfish, gymnastics maneuvers, harry potter, harry potter fanfic, harry potter movies, hello kitty, high heels, hilary hahn, hogwarts, ian mcewan, ice cream, iceskates with silver stars, idina menzel, jack harkness, jk rowling, joe hisaishi, john scot barrowman, josh groban, kazuo ishiguro, knitting, kristi yamaguchi, la vie boheme, latin, lea michele, lea salonga, luna lovegood, med revue, med school, michelle branch, michelle kwan, michelle phan, michelle trachtenberg, miss saigon, missy higgins, musicals, my stethoscope, naoko mori, natalia tena, neuro, nigel kennedy, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, photoshop, piano, pink & blue, plushies, poetry, poets named william, princess tutu, prion-related pathology, pushing daisies, rainbows, ravens, richard armitage, robert sean leonard, romanticism, rowena ravenclaw, sagittarius, scrubs, shakespeare, shizuka arakawa, sickeningly cute stationery, singing, skating, slash, slinky dresses, smiling, songwriting, soundtracks, spirals on ice, sudoku, sushi trains, sydney, sylvia plath, the bronte sisters, the corrs, the dead poets society, the goo goo dolls, the leaky cauldron, torchwood, tori amos, twelfth night, unicorns, vaios, vanessa carlton, vanessa mae, venice, vienna teng, violin, virtue/moir, west side story, white tigers, wicked, william blake, wolves (and werewolves too), yellowcard, yu-na kim, yummalicious yarn

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