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Just like the snow which melted this week, and the rain which came and went today, everything has its time. Today it was time for me to leave the place I have called home for the last month and head to London for one last weekend of freedom from the parental units, before flying home. I actually started to feel bizarrely emotional yesterday when I said goodbye to my team. I nearly cried when I had to bid the cath lab people goodbye, because they were the ones who made me feel so welcome in my first week when I was just floating around without a supervisor, and put up with my really dumb questions. Oh, and when saying goodbye to the other elective students? Particularly the other Aussie? Definitely a heart-wrenching moment (it was at Christ Church too, i.e. Hogwarts). And OMG the Quidditch team! I had to write them a little note with a loaf of bread asking them to please feed the ducks in my absence. 
In some ways though, the thought of leaving makes my heart soar. For example, things I miss about Sydney:
  • The weather (Me: I wish I could send you some sunshine {from Australia} Dr D: That sounds like the beginning of a song. Me: Oh okay, maybe I'll write one!)
  • Mr Ravenclaw
  • Yum Cha, cheap Thai food, my kitchen (especially my nonstick wok and endless pile of tea towels), Mr Ravenclaw's cooking, mum's cooking
  • Having a towel rail, a shelf full of my toiletries, a bin, mats, and a dual flush toilet in my bathroom (and a shower not covered in hair). Also mixer taps! You have no idea how annoying it is when there is a hot tap, and a cold tap...so you either freeze or scald yourself. Also, can I just say that European showers are the most confusing things ever?  
  • Having a mirror in my room. 
  • Not having to wear shoes everywhere around my house. 
  • My giant bed and nice pillows and plushie collection
  • The beach
  • My PLC girlfriends, uni friends, the whole gang...
  • Flip-flops and open-toed shoes and shorts and short skirts
  • My clothesline (and the ability to do free laundry)
  • Mr Ravenclaw
  • Photoshop 
  • A medical records system which I can access, printers that work consistently, and stable wifi (though the unlimited 3G is AWESOME)
  • My car
  • Mr Ravenclaw
But jokes aside, Oxford has been extremely good to me. I've had all the ward time, theatre time, clinic time that I wanted. I've been to the gen med ward. I've watched a pall care discussion. I've seen emergencies. I've been to an audit (yuck). I've gotten a lot of free food from journal club meetings and JMO teaching. I've even helped out at the final year exams! I am so grateful for the opportunities I've been given. I think it says a lot about my team that I didn't constantly feel the urge to skip class like many other people on elective...on the contrary, I genuinely wanted to go into hospital to learn and spend time with my team. 

And yeah, I'll just never be an Oxford student again. This is why I actually avoided going into London every weekend...I feel like I can be a traveller in London and go to shows/museums/touristy things whenever, but college-hopping/bopping/etc can't be done when you don't have a Bod card. 

And speaking of London, I'm there now! And I should get an early night as I plan to go to the zoo tomorrow, among other things!

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