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The first two days of this week were actually kind of tough. I can't use my regular "I was hormonal" excuse, so perhaps I'll put it down to homesickness instead. Anyway, I crawled out of bed, still exhausted despite 6 hours of sleep on Monday morning (after my Scottish weekend adventure), and because I figured...people won't care if I miss a day of ward rounds...I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up properly for a lovely skype session with the boyfriend, before hauling my ass into hospital around 10. I went to the cath lab, where everyone is too busy doing stuff to really notice me standing in a corner frantically looking technical stuff up on my ipad.

I left the cath lab in the afternoon (when the other "observer" decided to bail...I am a real sucker for peer pressure when I need an excuse), got access to printing services (with the intention of printing out coupons), but found that the free printer didn't work. After that downer, I decided to call it a day and headed back to my flat to do laundry, try to finish knitting some socks, read the third book of Game of Thrones, and have a nap.

Since we had new elective students, we decided to go out for dinner at the Turf Tavern, an establishment claiming to be "probably the oldest pub in Oxford" and the haunt of famous figures such as Oscar Wilde, Bob Hawke, Bill Clinton (where he supposedly tried marijuana but "did not inhale"), Margaret Thatcher, and so on. I also recognised it from Inspector Morse, the show which J's dad recommended I see before visiting Oxford. It's quite a cool place with decent food (I had hand-breaded haloumi with chips and salad...followed by sticky date pudding that was really sticky). The atmosphere is further enhanced by chalkboards with little historical snippets.

We are now quite a big group - 2 Sri Lankan guys, 3 German girls, 1 Egyptian guy, 1 Irish girl, and 2 Aussie girls - and I really love how med brings us all together. We all have similar issues like what to specialise in when we grow up, meeting irritating patients, dealing with hospital admin, and how annoying orthopods are. But we're all passionate about med (or surg) and it just feels like such a common language. Even though I've only known these guys for a few weeks (or days...a couple arrived last week!) they feel like family already. I do wonder whether this is part of growing up, where you grow closer to your workmates and further away from your school/uni friends...

...anyway, my parents forgot about our 11pm skype meeting on Monday night. I was actually kind of glad, because I was ready to sleep by 23:30!

On Tuesday I showed my face at ward rounds, then ran off to meet DS and JS. Unfortunately their bus was late and they got off at the wrong stop, and I made the mistake of thinking there'd be an 11am free walking tour (it didn't run because there weren't enough people) which we could join 1/4 of the way in (like I did when JL came over). So I took them to a couple of other random places, before we got on a bus to the only vegetarian restaurant I could find in Oxford (Magic Cafe!) where we found vegan garlic bread (and amazing risotto, mac and cheese, etc). We then went back to the city centre to meet up with one of the other elective students, climb St Michael's tower (the oldest building in Oxford!) and then go for the 2pm tour.

I had this grand plan of leaving the guys on the tour, going to hospital to show my face at the cath lab because the nice junior doctor was like, "cya later at the cath lab!", and then rejoining the tour halfway (everything is free on my bus pass now, so...) This would have worked, had the A/DS/JS had at least one working phone between them (unfortunately DS/JS's phones wouldn't fit their UK sims, and then A's phone ran out of battery). The second part to my grand plan was that I would coordinate dinner with DS/JS and another friend from Sydney who is currently studying here in Oxford. This would probably have worked had her phone not run out of battery, had I not spent an hour close to tears in the foyer of the Ashmolean thinking I'd lost A/DS/JS, had I not run out of phone credit trying to call A's phone which had run out of battery, and had I factored in DS/JS needing to head back to London before it got too dark. But I ended up having a lovely Japanese dinner (with 40% off at Yo Sushi!) with DS/JS, where we laughed about really random and geeky things and stuffed our faces with noodles/tempura/sushi.

Today I got up at 8, determined to make today significantly less of a fail! And it was! Ward rounds were boring as usual, but I made a beeline for outpatients where I hung out with Dr F, who has become one of my life role models up there with JKR and Bill Gates. Seriously, the inside of his head is like Wikipedia. Except when it comes to IT...then I'm apparently his guru (today I got brownie points by fixing Internet Explorer so it could play angiogram videos). Today's patients included the usual coronary artery disease cases, but I also got the opportunity to listen to a patient with rheumatic heart disease (with AR, MR, and AS...as Dr F put it....Christmas is here!)

I then ran off to teaching, which one of the nice junior doctors told me about. I was really glad, not just because there were free sandwiches (and my lunch would otherwise have consisted of a cup of 60p instant noodles), but also because it was a genuinely interesting case discussion: a previously healthy 43 y/o man comes in with increasing dyspnoea, but no other symptoms. It turned out to be myasthenia gravis, which I suspected from about halfway through once cardiac/infectious causes had been ruled out and it was looking neurological, but alas, I was too intimidated by the room full of real doctors to shout it out.

After lunch I went down to the cath labs again, to watch a coarctation of the aorta get stented! It was quite fiddly and there were so many people that I had to watch from the cockpit, but it was really, really cool! Then, after sampling British energy drinks ("Boost" - 89p for a can, significantly cheaper than Red Bull) I went up to the ward to hang out with one of the nice junior doctors. He and his reg were seeing some interesting patients with "no medical students allowed" signs on their doors so I was happy to tag along! By this time it was almost 4pm so I felt ready to leave. I finished my evening with some shopping, iPad-aided exercise, and dinner (followed by some salted caramel fudge and half a punnet of blueberries!)

So yeah, I guess it's true what JKR says. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up from there :)

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