Dec. 21st, 2012

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I'm now in Austria, and about a week behind posting because none of our hotels have had free wifi til this one. Sorry!

Firstly, the women are gorgeous...Perhaps it's to do with the smart winter coats/hats/gloves everyone is wearing, or maybe people have less of a tendency to be morbidly obese than in America, but nearly all the girls I've laid eyes on look so elegant and well-groomed. Even the goths, like the girl with rainbow dreads, clip-on horns and lip piercings I saw on the underground yesterday, seem classier. Perhaps, again, that's the accent talking.

Secondly, VS was right, the bratty little children with posh accents are hilarious. Even when they're chucking tantrums about wanting sweets they're adorable. Just recall, "Daddy, I want another pony" from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My mum is a morning person, so we usually breakfast before 8am, which means on our walk to breakfast we usually encounter children on their way to school. Since it's winter, they're all wearing giant puffy coats over their school uniforms which make them look as wide as they are tall. Which, when you're only a metre high, is cute overload.

There was a school excursion to Westminster Abbey the other day and the teacher told them not to lean on glass cases in the museum, then asked them why. The reasons they gave, ranging from "you might leave a mark!" to "you might fall through!" were delivered so solemnly in posh accents that I wanted to laugh.

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